Win the fight against dry hair this winter!

Tips-For-Dry-Hair-Easy-Steps-To-Keep-Your-Hair-Hydrated-300x270Winter has got to be my least favorite season! Not just for obvious reasons such as winter driving and having my car skid and slide all over the place, or the below zero freezing temperatures, but mainly because of the havoc it can have on my hair! During the winter months hair tends to be more fragile and dry due to the lack of moisture (humidity) in the air. Here are some tips to help you “win the fight against dry hair this winter!”

1.      Deep Conditioning

Deep condition weekly, alternate between moisture treatments and hot oil treatments

2.      Always use a leave-in Conditioner

After your regular routine of shampoo and conditioning your hair follow up by adding a leave in conditioner to your hair to retain moisture. Key words “LEAVE IN” don’t wash it out girl! Your hair will thank you.

3.      Moisturize & Seal

Healthy hair thrives on moisture. (especially curly or kinky coiled hair) Make sure to apply a moisturizer to the ends of your hair followed by an essential oil to seal the moisture in as needed. My favorite oils to use are avocado and coconut oil.

4.      Baggy Method

No plans on a Friday night? Well bag it up! All you have to do is apply a thick moisturizer to your hair, and then cover your hair with plastic cap to trap in the moisture. Leave it on for an hour while you watch youtube videos and eat chips.

5.      Co-Wash Your Hair

Cleansing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo can help you to maintain moisture without stripping the hair of its natural oils. (but do not skimp out on shampoo altogether, you need a gentle shampoo in order to remove product build up and thoroughly clean your hair)

6.      Make scarves, & other hair accessories your winter go to items

Hair accessories such as beenies or scarves can be used to protect your hair from the cold, harsh, winter climates. Be sure to wear a silk bonnet under your hats to avoid snagging and pulling on your hair.

7.      Put down the blow dryer

Avoid using hair dryers during the winter months. Blow drying already brittle and dry hair will only make things worse! Opt to air dry your hair instead, but If you really have to blow dry, use a cooler setting to dry your hair. It may take your hair longer to dry but it is well worth it!

8.      Purchase a Humidifier

Heating your home can cause the indoor air to dry out during winter. Humidifiers put moisture back into the air. No humidifier? No problem, just boil some water, stand over the boiling water with your hair in a high pony tail and let the steam hit those parched strands. Bada-boom bada-bing!



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